Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Being Dad.....

Well I just walked into my daugther's bedroom and spoke with her the importance of a maintained life with Christ - daily.  I was reminding her she won't make it through this world on the coat tails of mom and dad's relationship of Christ.

As I'm speaking to her, she doesn't realize I'm really speaking to myself as well.  I can feel Christ calling me to a closer walk with Him.  The world is different today than yesterday, last year, 5 or 10 years ago.  The spirit of the age is larger and preying on precious young lives more than ever.  Even old lives and middle age lives.  As my pastor has preached - we must run to the light; run, run, run to the light.  Tomorrow is given to no one.

I have seen family and friends - living with Christ - boldly speaking his name and then they decide to put the health of their spirit on cruise control.  Never fertilizing, never sprinkling it with God's word or prayer.  Then the dry season sets in.  Our spirit gets so dry it is really crying out for a downpour of the presence of God, yet we feed our spirit everything else:  food, entertainment, a heavy dose of the social life, etc.  We end up drowning out the cry which becomes only a whisper which cannot even be heard because we've become so worried about all the circumstances life throws our way.  Some are caught up in the momentary "thrills" in this life.

Almost like my yard, the beautiful green grass was eaten away from under the surface by grub bugs.  Eating at the roots under the first layer of the dirt and causing a long, dry death.  Now - fertilizing and watering seem pointless.  Nothing changes - the only continual activity is death as the grub bugs eat away, yet on the surface people only wonder why things look so dry.

Under the surface of your personality - in your spirit - are you feeding your spirit.  Cultivating a life that feeds the very spirit God created within you?  David knew this feeling when his heart began to feel death in his Spirit - He would cry - "Let not they spirit depart from me".  He knew he was only a step away from losing his Savior.

When is the last time you literally felt His loving hand upon you?  Or His arms wrapped around you?  Do you remember His presence so strong upon you, all you wanted to do was bask in is His Glory?  His was real to you, His power and presence were undeniable.  I am humbled by my Lord's grace, amazed at my Savior's unfailing love and consumed by His yearning to still want me.

Go ahead, take that step, even a small one - just take a step - movement towards God will result in Him opening His arms to welcome you - just as you are.

Tonight I pray I lead by example - asking my Savior to find habitation within me and allowing the Prince of Peace guide me each day.  I pray today - being Dad is a reflection of my Abba - my Dad.

There is a precious young girl just down hallway tonight, and maybe, just maybe she will see here Daddy - humbling himself in the presence of Christ and his anointing.  This I believe is being Dad tonight.