Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Greatest pure baseball player since Ted Williams

There hasn't been a better pure all around baseball player since Ted Williams.  Now I know their have been some great all around players - Roberto Clemente, George Brett, Pete Rose, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to witness some of the greats. 

For my money, no one has played with as much dedication to their craft, played consistently at a high level and delivered in crunch time in the field and at the plate like Derek Jeter.  His respect to the game and to his team is second to none.  A career avg. of .314 over 15 yrs.  He also has a career slugging avg. of .452 and 2,927 hits.  In the field he is a 4 time Gold Glove winner, a World Series MVP, All-Star Game MVP.  He only strikes out 15% of his at bats.

His professional approach to his game and to his craft is second to none.  Next year he will reach the Holy Grail of 3,000 hits and could easily reach 3,500 hits before his career is over.  I believe by the time his career is over he will be the model Yankee and baseball player the young players will want to emulate for generations to come.  #2 is #1 with me!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Being Dad.....

Well I just walked into my daugther's bedroom and spoke with her the importance of a maintained life with Christ - daily.  I was reminding her she won't make it through this world on the coat tails of mom and dad's relationship of Christ.

As I'm speaking to her, she doesn't realize I'm really speaking to myself as well.  I can feel Christ calling me to a closer walk with Him.  The world is different today than yesterday, last year, 5 or 10 years ago.  The spirit of the age is larger and preying on precious young lives more than ever.  Even old lives and middle age lives.  As my pastor has preached - we must run to the light; run, run, run to the light.  Tomorrow is given to no one.

I have seen family and friends - living with Christ - boldly speaking his name and then they decide to put the health of their spirit on cruise control.  Never fertilizing, never sprinkling it with God's word or prayer.  Then the dry season sets in.  Our spirit gets so dry it is really crying out for a downpour of the presence of God, yet we feed our spirit everything else:  food, entertainment, a heavy dose of the social life, etc.  We end up drowning out the cry which becomes only a whisper which cannot even be heard because we've become so worried about all the circumstances life throws our way.  Some are caught up in the momentary "thrills" in this life.

Almost like my yard, the beautiful green grass was eaten away from under the surface by grub bugs.  Eating at the roots under the first layer of the dirt and causing a long, dry death.  Now - fertilizing and watering seem pointless.  Nothing changes - the only continual activity is death as the grub bugs eat away, yet on the surface people only wonder why things look so dry.

Under the surface of your personality - in your spirit - are you feeding your spirit.  Cultivating a life that feeds the very spirit God created within you?  David knew this feeling when his heart began to feel death in his Spirit - He would cry - "Let not they spirit depart from me".  He knew he was only a step away from losing his Savior.

When is the last time you literally felt His loving hand upon you?  Or His arms wrapped around you?  Do you remember His presence so strong upon you, all you wanted to do was bask in is His Glory?  His was real to you, His power and presence were undeniable.  I am humbled by my Lord's grace, amazed at my Savior's unfailing love and consumed by His yearning to still want me.

Go ahead, take that step, even a small one - just take a step - movement towards God will result in Him opening His arms to welcome you - just as you are.

Tonight I pray I lead by example - asking my Savior to find habitation within me and allowing the Prince of Peace guide me each day.  I pray today - being Dad is a reflection of my Abba - my Dad.

There is a precious young girl just down hallway tonight, and maybe, just maybe she will see here Daddy - humbling himself in the presence of Christ and his anointing.  This I believe is being Dad tonight.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Bestest Buddy! - Yes, I said Bestest!

I'm probably writing this in a terrible attempt to help me realize my son is growing up and soon he will be a man on his own.  I also thought Lori was crazy when she would mention moments in Ashtyn's life and noticing her gaining her independence and allowing her to realize her own self.

Well Hunter is 13 now, (he keeps reminding us because some how at 13 you now know everything), and he is starting to become a young man in his own right.  I am so extremely proud of him - in everyway: spiritually, academically, athletically, and his is unique gift of wisdom.  He has never really liked traveling away from home without us.  However, ever since he was little, I have always told him he is my bestest buddy.  He still is today - I would rather hang out with Hunter than any other man or boy on the planet.  He's my bestest buddy!

Well - he is growing up now and he is thinking he wants to spend a week at his grandma's.  This is really just fine - even great.   But then it hit me - it's the first time my bestest buddy realized and wants to spend a week without me.  I don't think anyone really understands how much he means to me.  I love Ashtyn like no one else - how ever - like a father loves his daughter.  The father/son equation is totally different and uniquely to me - he really is my best friend among (boys).  Lori is the greatest friend ever, but with Hunter we can enjoy sports, the outdoors - hunting/fishing, politics, God, the Word, etc.   It just made me think really hard - through alot of tears - my bestest buddy is growing up, spreading his wings, and he won't be with me forever.

He is going to be an amazing young man and as he always says - Stanford is waiting for him (get ready Jim Harbaugh)  -  Dad loves you buddy!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life of the Pharis family passing by....

Well, Ashtyn has had her liscense now since last September.  Of course she feels more empowered than ever because she is after all soon to be 17 and she can drive so certainly she is an adult now, right.  Well Lori and I gave in and she went with two other friends and drove from Pickerington to Kansas City by themselves.  This makes for nervous parents, (Ash -  txt us every hr, when stopping for gas all three of you go in together, etc.)

Right before she left we finally found a car for her.  She won't get it until she get's back but a what a relief for Dad - she deserves the best she is the greatest daughter ever and I'm so proud of her.

Hunter's gift (he has two gifts) is he is incredibly smart and both he and Asthyn have the gift  of wisdom, which they must get from their mother and the Lord.  He is only 13 but his mind and conduct is like he's 20.  He is very compassionate and kind, yet when the game begins is so competitive.  He is my buddy - forever!

Devon and Akeem - wow - they are such a blessing in my life.  Akeem is thoughful (when he wants to be).  He is in alots of ways similiar to Hunter.  He has earned a unique relationship with Lori as the mother in his life.  He has really turned around his academic life and now college is a reality.  He is a really good student and with a step up in focus can be a great student!  The future is really in his finger tips - so stay focused Akeem has a tender heart as well.  I need to be a better father for Akeem, some times I just need to spend time with him to connect, but Lori hogs his time from everyone.  :)

Devon is my warrior - every since of the word   No one knows what these two boys have gone through in life.  Devon approaches life as a battle.  He is grades have improved dramatically.  He drives me crazy because he is really smart, but he tends to wait to the last minute to do his work.  If he would only apply himself to his studies daily, find out why, how, etc. of each subject I think he would surprise himself.   He loves God with all his heart and which many don't know.   I believe when football is over, he might even be a preacher like his Grandpa.  He truly is a son to me and is dear to my heart.

My daughter and boys are the joy of our lives!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

John Wooden 1910 - 2010 The Teacher, Coach, Mentor - the man of Wisdom

John Wooden's passing today, June 4, 2010,  is a solemn reminder of the lack of great leaders today.
Also, what coach in any sport has come close:

10 National Championships in 12 years
7 National Championships in a row
38 game winning streak in national championship   
tournament play
12 Final Four's in 14 years
4 "Perfect Season's"

I was never a witness to any of these mindboggling achievements yet I have been a devote follower of the astonishing author of wisdom and life's lessons for leadership.  I choose to live by a famous "Woodenism" quoted by many - "Live today as if you'll die tomorrow, Learn today as if you live forever".  My father, grandfather, Mr. William Vakos, my father-in-law, Cleo Shawn, Pastor Robert Revell, and Rod Parsley are those who have imparted great truth's and nuggest of wisdom I choose to live by.  John Wooden, I have never met, yet in reading his books and writings the last two years; I have discovered enough wisdom to last multiple lifetimes.

I am particulary found of Wooden's 7 Rules to Live By:

1 - Be true to yourself
2 - Help others
3 - Make each day our masterpiece
4 - Drink deeply from good books, especially the Good Book (Bible)
5 - Make friendship a fine art
6 - Build a shelter for a rainy day
7 - Pray for guideance, and count and give thanks for your blessings each day

I only wish I had uncovered his writings 20 years ago.  I can honestly say, I have been drinking deeply from his literature. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything "Mixed Soup"

First - Lebron is not King - KOBE still Reigns - Lebron is a prince until he learns to put a team on his back in the last 3 minutes and close out the game.  No one does it better than KOBE!  Now the Celtics will pose a problem for the Lakers - front court vs front court - but hopefully  - KOBE brings it home. 

Our Nation - after watching the news - (I watch CNN and Fox - MSNBC is nothing but a federal media agency.)  This President has changed this nation faster in his first term than any president I can think of.  Give him credit for one thing, he hasn't wasted anytime - he has gone to work on everything - Banking, Healthcare, Census management, Bailouts, Regulation of everything you think of, not one, but two supreme court nominees, immigration and securing the border (or lack of securing the border) - allowing the president of another nation to rip our congress and tell us what to do, his administration took over the mgmt of student loans, the census office which since it's conception has been independent, ignoring the threat of nuclear emerging super powers (IRAN, N. Korea, and others), we no longer support Israel, allow Muslim beliefs to infiltrate our White House, Capital and watch our President only acknowledge Allah across his international trips.  He nevers acknowledges the one and only God the Father, of whom this nation was founded and appointing hundreds of socialists to hundreds of posts.

The nation has completely fallen to European or less status in the world - no one fears us or respects what the US has to say - just listen to the other heads of state - they are no longer afraid of not listening to America.  This has all happened in just one year - my God, what will happen in three years when it's time to change our leadership - will we be beyond the point of return?  Will we do something - will you - or are we going to sit here silently and our nation continues to fall unto oblivion.

Well now, on the not so catastrophic - watched a 12 inning Twins/Brewers game with my son - love summer baseball.  Love my kids (all teenagers) but I hear college and the process of applying to college knocking at my door.  The thought makes me very proud of the kids, but also very sad to think of them not here.  Life sure does move fast.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Click on the black space above.

Can the current administration leave anything alone- do they have to mix or ingrain the government in every facet of society? This does not sound like democracy or the land of the free.  I know Beck can seem a little extreme at times - but the facts are not made up on this matter - yet no one talks about this - much less the separation of church and state in the definition by democrats. 

I'll try to stay away from too much politics, but this is crazy!  Post your comments to my blog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Providing for those who deseparately need our help!

I'm traveling - visiting with some great people in Indiana today.  I just have to say - Bridge of Hope is amazing,  ( )  constantly helping from the slaves in Sudan, relief in Hiati, Guatamela, Zambia, hurrican relief, even food and relief right here in the US.  I've been there in (not with BOH) and have seen with my own eyes in Africa, the inner cities of America with BOH and have come to one conclusion - great humanitarian need will never be solved, be we can significantly increase the attention to the areas that need help.  Saving one life is worth it all.

Comment on my blog and give one idea or one act of service you have not done, but want to do this year.  I also like Bono's ONE Campaign.  At any rate - comment or reply to my blog - if time or money was not a problem - what one act of service or assistance would you do this year?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back from the OC

I just returned from the OC from a week long business trip.  I love Southern, CA.  Especially the Pacific Coast HWY.  It is just beautiful, watching the waves crash to shore, surfers waiting for the big one.  (Hey Surfer dude - a tip - head up towards Santa Cruz) 

I especially enjoyed a week of father and daughter time last summer at Huntington Beach down to Laguna Beach.  Sharkeez at HB has good food and I also enjoy Rudy's (two locations - Newport Beach or the Foot Hills - on Portola PKWY).  Ashtyn really enjoyed BJ's Brewery in HB - she loved the pizza.

The state of California and the residents of the Golden Bear State do a phenomenal job at preserving the environment - greenery, natural scenery and it is so clean there.  (The state of Florida could learn a lesson from CA)  The Pacific coast views, ala,  Pebble Beach / 17 Mile Dr. , Santa Cruz, Laguna, Balboa Island, etc. - the views are just majestic.

Friday, January 29, 2010


An economy built on debt - (as of today 1/29/10 - almost $2 Trillion of debt) - and a dollar based on a treasury note (debt), owned by China - is not the way to a prosperous life.

Frugile living, saving for a rainy day, future dreams and living by a budget- (a balanced budget - what a novel idea) is a great start.  Living within our means - WOW - what a thought!

I remember the apostle Paul stating:  Philippians 4:11  "Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have."

I also remember the story of the talents - each servant pleased there master - who came back to find they had increased their talents - except the one - who buried his.

Where are your talents - are you living content with what you have - (a budget - within your means?)

Check out

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If there were no constraints and no limitations...

What you do this weekend if you nothing stood in the way and money was not a problem?

Launch: Here we go!

Blogging - it's a whole new world out there and we are going to push the limits and beyond.

If you are feeling pushed, if think you are out of your comfort zone, and not quite sure where and what to hang onto - you are in the right place - perfect!

As my Pastor says: "When a word from God is given, reason is never required, faith alone must answer that door..."

Trust - have faith in God - push beyond natural limitations!

Love the day, live the life!

B. Pharis