Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything "Mixed Soup"

First - Lebron is not King - KOBE still Reigns - Lebron is a prince until he learns to put a team on his back in the last 3 minutes and close out the game.  No one does it better than KOBE!  Now the Celtics will pose a problem for the Lakers - front court vs front court - but hopefully  - KOBE brings it home. 

Our Nation - after watching the news - (I watch CNN and Fox - MSNBC is nothing but a federal media agency.)  This President has changed this nation faster in his first term than any president I can think of.  Give him credit for one thing, he hasn't wasted anytime - he has gone to work on everything - Banking, Healthcare, Census management, Bailouts, Regulation of everything you think of, not one, but two supreme court nominees, immigration and securing the border (or lack of securing the border) - allowing the president of another nation to rip our congress and tell us what to do, his administration took over the mgmt of student loans, the census office which since it's conception has been independent, ignoring the threat of nuclear emerging super powers (IRAN, N. Korea, and others), we no longer support Israel, allow Muslim beliefs to infiltrate our White House, Capital and watch our President only acknowledge Allah across his international trips.  He nevers acknowledges the one and only God the Father, of whom this nation was founded and appointing hundreds of socialists to hundreds of posts.

The nation has completely fallen to European or less status in the world - no one fears us or respects what the US has to say - just listen to the other heads of state - they are no longer afraid of not listening to America.  This has all happened in just one year - my God, what will happen in three years when it's time to change our leadership - will we be beyond the point of return?  Will we do something - will you - or are we going to sit here silently and our nation continues to fall unto oblivion.

Well now, on the not so catastrophic - watched a 12 inning Twins/Brewers game with my son - love summer baseball.  Love my kids (all teenagers) but I hear college and the process of applying to college knocking at my door.  The thought makes me very proud of the kids, but also very sad to think of them not here.  Life sure does move fast.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Click on the black space above.

Can the current administration leave anything alone- do they have to mix or ingrain the government in every facet of society? This does not sound like democracy or the land of the free.  I know Beck can seem a little extreme at times - but the facts are not made up on this matter - yet no one talks about this - much less the separation of church and state in the definition by democrats. 

I'll try to stay away from too much politics, but this is crazy!  Post your comments to my blog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Providing for those who deseparately need our help!

I'm traveling - visiting with some great people in Indiana today.  I just have to say - Bridge of Hope is amazing,  ( )  constantly helping from the slaves in Sudan, relief in Hiati, Guatamela, Zambia, hurrican relief, even food and relief right here in the US.  I've been there in (not with BOH) and have seen with my own eyes in Africa, the inner cities of America with BOH and have come to one conclusion - great humanitarian need will never be solved, be we can significantly increase the attention to the areas that need help.  Saving one life is worth it all.

Comment on my blog and give one idea or one act of service you have not done, but want to do this year.  I also like Bono's ONE Campaign.  At any rate - comment or reply to my blog - if time or money was not a problem - what one act of service or assistance would you do this year?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back from the OC

I just returned from the OC from a week long business trip.  I love Southern, CA.  Especially the Pacific Coast HWY.  It is just beautiful, watching the waves crash to shore, surfers waiting for the big one.  (Hey Surfer dude - a tip - head up towards Santa Cruz) 

I especially enjoyed a week of father and daughter time last summer at Huntington Beach down to Laguna Beach.  Sharkeez at HB has good food and I also enjoy Rudy's (two locations - Newport Beach or the Foot Hills - on Portola PKWY).  Ashtyn really enjoyed BJ's Brewery in HB - she loved the pizza.

The state of California and the residents of the Golden Bear State do a phenomenal job at preserving the environment - greenery, natural scenery and it is so clean there.  (The state of Florida could learn a lesson from CA)  The Pacific coast views, ala,  Pebble Beach / 17 Mile Dr. , Santa Cruz, Laguna, Balboa Island, etc. - the views are just majestic.