Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Providing for those who deseparately need our help!

I'm traveling - visiting with some great people in Indiana today.  I just have to say - Bridge of Hope is amazing,  (www.rodparsley.com/boh )  constantly helping from the slaves in Sudan, relief in Hiati, Guatamela, Zambia, hurrican relief, even food and relief right here in the US.  I've been there in (not with BOH) and have seen with my own eyes in Africa, the inner cities of America with BOH and have come to one conclusion - great humanitarian need will never be solved, be we can significantly increase the attention to the areas that need help.  Saving one life is worth it all.

Comment on my blog and give one idea or one act of service you have not done, but want to do this year.  I also like Bono's ONE Campaign.  At any rate - comment or reply to my blog - if time or money was not a problem - what one act of service or assistance would you do this year?

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