Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Greatest pure baseball player since Ted Williams

There hasn't been a better pure all around baseball player since Ted Williams.  Now I know their have been some great all around players - Roberto Clemente, George Brett, Pete Rose, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to witness some of the greats. 

For my money, no one has played with as much dedication to their craft, played consistently at a high level and delivered in crunch time in the field and at the plate like Derek Jeter.  His respect to the game and to his team is second to none.  A career avg. of .314 over 15 yrs.  He also has a career slugging avg. of .452 and 2,927 hits.  In the field he is a 4 time Gold Glove winner, a World Series MVP, All-Star Game MVP.  He only strikes out 15% of his at bats.

His professional approach to his game and to his craft is second to none.  Next year he will reach the Holy Grail of 3,000 hits and could easily reach 3,500 hits before his career is over.  I believe by the time his career is over he will be the model Yankee and baseball player the young players will want to emulate for generations to come.  #2 is #1 with me!


  1. I agree with Jeter, but hate to see Cal Ripken Jr. not mentioned at all.

  2. I agree with both of you, but how about Albert Pujols ?

  3. Albert is great but hasn't yet had the history or # of years compared to Jeter and Ripken. Ripken probably should be mentioned, the outstanding difference from Jeter and Ripken is that both shined during the regular season, however we were able to see Jeter perform in the clutch in the post season so many times.