Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Bestest Buddy! - Yes, I said Bestest!

I'm probably writing this in a terrible attempt to help me realize my son is growing up and soon he will be a man on his own.  I also thought Lori was crazy when she would mention moments in Ashtyn's life and noticing her gaining her independence and allowing her to realize her own self.

Well Hunter is 13 now, (he keeps reminding us because some how at 13 you now know everything), and he is starting to become a young man in his own right.  I am so extremely proud of him - in everyway: spiritually, academically, athletically, and his is unique gift of wisdom.  He has never really liked traveling away from home without us.  However, ever since he was little, I have always told him he is my bestest buddy.  He still is today - I would rather hang out with Hunter than any other man or boy on the planet.  He's my bestest buddy!

Well - he is growing up now and he is thinking he wants to spend a week at his grandma's.  This is really just fine - even great.   But then it hit me - it's the first time my bestest buddy realized and wants to spend a week without me.  I don't think anyone really understands how much he means to me.  I love Ashtyn like no one else - how ever - like a father loves his daughter.  The father/son equation is totally different and uniquely to me - he really is my best friend among (boys).  Lori is the greatest friend ever, but with Hunter we can enjoy sports, the outdoors - hunting/fishing, politics, God, the Word, etc.   It just made me think really hard - through alot of tears - my bestest buddy is growing up, spreading his wings, and he won't be with me forever.

He is going to be an amazing young man and as he always says - Stanford is waiting for him (get ready Jim Harbaugh)  -  Dad loves you buddy!!

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