Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life of the Pharis family passing by....

Well, Ashtyn has had her liscense now since last September.  Of course she feels more empowered than ever because she is after all soon to be 17 and she can drive so certainly she is an adult now, right.  Well Lori and I gave in and she went with two other friends and drove from Pickerington to Kansas City by themselves.  This makes for nervous parents, (Ash -  txt us every hr, when stopping for gas all three of you go in together, etc.)

Right before she left we finally found a car for her.  She won't get it until she get's back but a what a relief for Dad - she deserves the best she is the greatest daughter ever and I'm so proud of her.

Hunter's gift (he has two gifts) is he is incredibly smart and both he and Asthyn have the gift  of wisdom, which they must get from their mother and the Lord.  He is only 13 but his mind and conduct is like he's 20.  He is very compassionate and kind, yet when the game begins is so competitive.  He is my buddy - forever!

Devon and Akeem - wow - they are such a blessing in my life.  Akeem is thoughful (when he wants to be).  He is in alots of ways similiar to Hunter.  He has earned a unique relationship with Lori as the mother in his life.  He has really turned around his academic life and now college is a reality.  He is a really good student and with a step up in focus can be a great student!  The future is really in his finger tips - so stay focused Akeem has a tender heart as well.  I need to be a better father for Akeem, some times I just need to spend time with him to connect, but Lori hogs his time from everyone.  :)

Devon is my warrior - every since of the word   No one knows what these two boys have gone through in life.  Devon approaches life as a battle.  He is grades have improved dramatically.  He drives me crazy because he is really smart, but he tends to wait to the last minute to do his work.  If he would only apply himself to his studies daily, find out why, how, etc. of each subject I think he would surprise himself.   He loves God with all his heart and which many don't know.   I believe when football is over, he might even be a preacher like his Grandpa.  He truly is a son to me and is dear to my heart.

My daughter and boys are the joy of our lives!!

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